Additional Services

Thank you for choosing our additonal services! Not many social media marketing agencies understand the value of your current budget. Ignition Media Marketing will work with you to make the best out of your cost and investment! You may already have some things under control but we can help you with the rest!

Below are the additional services that we are offering at this time! Whether you just need a new website, a blog article, management of a few platforms, we got it all! You will have access to our professional team of designers, website builders, and social media marketing agents that are willing to help you go for gold even at our lowest prices!

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Promo Video

Will make an eye catching promo video for your ad campaign:

$150 (15 – 30 secs)

$250 (30 – 60 secs)

Website Creation

Every business needs a website because this is how you will be able to be seen by millions of people!

Simple Website – $995

A simple website is ideal for single party investors like youtubers, bloggers, churches or just individuals who want people to see who they are and what is it they are trying to accomplish!

-only one donation button

-one to three pages

*Doesn’t include payment gateway or SSL Certification*

Intermediate Website – $2995

An intermediate website is a little more complex in content, page, and menu abilities for a more legitimate feel for your vision! This is ideal for small businesses, entrepenuers, or anyone who wants to sell a product or service online!

– SSL Certification

– Payment Gateway

– three to five pages

– dropdown menus

Advanced Website – $6995

An advanced website is not holding back! Truly the sky is the limit with this because of the advanced capabilities of this site will be truly designed to inform, funnel, and add tremendous value to your brand or service!

-SSL Certification

-payment Gateway

-seven to twelve pages

-promo video (FREE)

-email popup capture

-advanced menu options

-two blog articles

Blog Articles

Blog articles are important for email optimization and creating a relationship with your consumer. Don’t have the time to do it? We can do it for you no matter the subject!

*  $99 every 500 words plus $199 per image*

500 Words 500 with pic  *we don’t do more than 1 pic for this level*

1000 Words 1000 with pic

1500 Words 1500 with pic 

2000 Words 2000 with pic

Social Media Management

Effectively managing your social media is EXTREMELY time consuming and it doesn’t make sense to waste that time because your time is valuable! Take away these stresses by taking hold of the packages below!

Simple Manager $99/Month

Covers 1 more Social Media Platform which includes:

-follower engagement strategy

-3 posts/day

-profile remodeling

Advanced Manager $199/Month

Covers 3 or more Social Media Platforms which includes:

-follower engagement strategy

-3 posts/day

-platform optimization

-profile remodeling

Full Manager $299/Month

Covers 3 or more Social Media Platforms which includes:

-follower engagement strategy

-lead funnel integration

-3 posts/day

-platform optimization